Top 10 Facebook Parental Control Software
Top 10 Facebook Parental Control Software
Review: Top 10 Facebook Parental Control Software
  • #1 TheTruthSpy
  • #2 AppSpy
  • #3 Secure teen
  • #4 Net nanny social
  • #5 Qustudio
  • #6 Familoop Safeguard
  • #7 Surfie
  • #8 Kaspersky safe kids
  • #9 Nortan family premier
  • #10 SentryPC
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Best Facebook parental control software

Social media especially Facebook has become the critical part of our life. There is a countless number of users on this largest social media platform. Facebook is the largest growing network in the world through which everyone wants to connect with the people across the world. Users post and share their memories on this platform. Although the network is meant to connect everyone, it is separating the parents and teen kids, husband, and wife, by involving them in the virtual life of Facebook. Therefore, monitoring their activities on this platform is very important to save them from the threats that are unexpected on this social media platform. Thus, here is the top 10 Facebook parental control software to control their activities on Facebook.


These parental Facebook controls will make sure that their activities are under parent’s supervision. You will find hundreds of parental controls software in an app store. But here is some of the best controls software of 2017. Read about them and pick as per your choice.

Best Facebook parental control software
Best Facebook parental control software

Top 10 Facebook parental control software

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy
#1 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the top-rated parental control software to monitor Facebook activities of your kid. It let you block the pages or site that you wish that your kids don’t see. Everyday users post stories, pictures, and videos on Facebook, some are good, but some are inappropriate to watch. Block all such pages and posts so that every post goes through the filter of TheTruthSpy and your kids watch only those posts and photos which do not contain any inappropriate content.


Not just Facebook, with TheTruthSpy you can monitor them on other social media platforms. Thus, it is a choice of software of many parents. It comes at the affordable price along with the user-friendly features that let parents monitor their kids without their knowledge. Its useful features are:

Social chats monitoring- monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, etc.

Monitor call- hear their video and voice calls.

Monitor location of your kids

Block websites

Monitor browsing history

These are some of the vital features of TheTruthSpy.

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy
#2 AppSpy

AppSpy is also one of the best parental control software for the parents. It monitors every movement of your kids, and it comes with a basic plan of $29.99/month. It is easy to use software for the parent that is different from that tech-savvy software. It notifies parents whenever a post is received on the Facebook account of your kids. It shows the content of the post and allows you to discard the post before displaying it on their account.


It comes with a baby monitor feature to track their activities when they are outside. It runs invisibly in the background of a device and alerts the user of AppSpy about every moment.

Download & Install AppSpy

#3 Secure teen

#3 Secure teen
#3 Secure teen

Secure teen, a name itself says that it is parental control software to keep your teen kids secure on Facebook platform. The special feature is that it can run on three devices simultaneously. Parents don’t have to buy multiple software for each of their kid’s device. Buy single software and use them on two or more devices. Different software is available for different devices, means it has a desktop, Android and iOS version for each of these devices.


It features include:-

Facebook chat monitoring

Friend request alert

Photo Scan

Timeline scan.etc

Parents can monitor their kids remotely with it remote interface feature. So, download now secure teen to keep them safe from the harmful environment of social media.

#4 Net nanny social

It is the trusted and reputed parental control software for Facebook. Just link net nanny social with the Facebook account and customize the app as per your wish. That’s it; you will now start receiving notifications about all of the activities happening on your kid’s account. It comes with one-year subscription and is complete parental control software for your kids. You can manage the time spent with your kids on Facebook by customizing the software. Block any inappropriate content and let them watch only that content which is good for them.

#5 Qustudio

Qustudio is advanced monitoring software for Facebook. Just permit to access the Facebook account of your kid, and it will track his every move on Facebook. It will tell you about all his friends, posts, like pages, friend request, and comments. Its free version can monitor only one user whereas its premium version can monitor 5 and ten users. The premium version is not free, and you have to pay $45 for premium 5 and $85 for its premium 10 version.

#6 Familoop Safeguard

Familoop safeguard your complete family and track their every move on Facebook. Try it for free to check the functionality of its features for ten days and later buy it. It is available in premium 3 or premium ten account versions to monitor more than one user on Facebook. It is simple to monitor them using familoop safeguard and protect them from cyber bullying and unwanted people.

#7 Surfie

It is specially designed to stop, recognize and block cyber bullying. Whenever a person contacts to your children on Facebook, surfie will run a virtual background check of that person to know about cyber bullying activity. If nothing showed up during screening, then it will allow the person to contact your children. But the moment he sends threatening messages or inappropriate content to kids, surfie will automatically block that person. Thus, surfie is powerful software to save teens on Facebook from cyber bullying.

#8 Kaspersky safe kids

It offers affordable parental control monitoring by its excellent features. It not only lets you monitor one or two devices, but you can monitor an unlimited number of devices through Kaspersky safe kids. It filters the websites and blocks the bad sites on their devices. It is complete software for a device that monitors not only Facebook but also the other social networking sites. You can also limit the applications to be installed on their devices using its features. It is inexpensive and is software for every parent.

#9 Nortan family premier

Nortan family premier is an application that is capable of monitoring your kids and other family members as well. It knows that not only your kid’s life can be at risk, but adults are also at risk on the social media platform. It comes in different packages that are available in a different price range. But its free version is very attractive for the parents. You can subscribe to any plan after using its free version that is available for a month. It is compatible, and you can install the application on your desktop at home to monitor Facebook activities of your kids and other members of your family.

You can organize the searches, email alerts, history and manage the time of their Facebook use. Restrict them to open Facebook during their exams or in nights so that they can concentrate well on their studies.

#10 SentryPC

It is the choice of thousands of parent’s worldwide for filtering, monitoring and controlling the activities of their children on Facebook and other web sites. It allows the easy access of the sentryPC from anywhere irrespective of your location and time. It operates in real time, means you will get alert to every move they make on Facebook. If they comment on their friend’s pictures or videos or reply to the messages, then you will get the alert as soon as they do.

It prevents your kids from cyber bullying by choking the messages and content from unknown users. Filter the websites and eliminate the inappropriate web of gambling sites. One useful feature of sentryPC is that it protects your children from the online predators that try to access the personal information of your kids.

So, these were the top 10 Facebook parental control software. Install the best parental control software and protect your kids from unknown users, annoying people, online predators, and cyber bullying and inappropriate contents.

It is necessary to track every step of your kids on Facebook because they are naïve and unaware of the people out there. Facebook is one such social networking site that allows everyone to make contact with those on the Facebook. Hence, an unknown person can try to contact your kids and bully them. We all have heard about such incidents on media and their results are dangerous for the kids and parents. Therefore, you must install any one of the top 10 Facebook parental control software.

Top 10 Facebook parental control software
Top 10 Facebook parental control software

Some parents think that Facebook is not a good platform for kids, but they are wrong. Facebook is not entirely responsible for such threats and incidents instead users are responsible. It has safety features to protect the users from unknown users. But not everyone is aware of these features, and thus they fall into the problem. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep their children aware of such incidents. But to ensure that they are completely protected and secured, these top 10 Facebook parental control software are the must-have software on their devices.


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