How to spy on your boyfriend's text messages for free
Review: How to spy on your boyfriend's text messages for free
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The AppSpy – Spy on your boyfriend’s text messages for free

If you have a boyfriend you are planning to marry him, you will have to know him in and out. You cannot afford to marry someone you are hiding things from you or cheating you behind your back. This means you will have to spy on him to make all your doubts. Text messages are the best way to know your boyfriend’s activities as these days all conversations take place through this medium. There are several methods to spy on his text messages. There are many software’s available for this propose. One can use the App Spy software that is easy to install and use.

The AppSpy - Spy on your boyfriend's text messages for free
The AppSpy – Spy on your boyfriend’s text messages for free

More about App Spy:

App Spy is also known as Spy App. It is the surveillance software. It is the beneficial tool for tracking anyone’s phone records via SMS trackers, WhatsApp spy, call records spy, etc. In case of text messages it offers to provide with all information regarding outgoing and incoming calls. As an added advantage it also provides to track on your boyfriend’s location from where he is sending these texts.

Why spy on your boyfriend’s text messages for free with AppSpy

  • To make your doubts: To clear all your doubts on your boyfriend, you will have to spy on him. Text messages are the best options to spy on as a lot of conversations take play via this medium. You cannot live with him having doubts about his character.
  • Trust: In certain cases, your boyfriend may be loyal to you. But you may have some doubts on him. To regain the lost trust on your part, you may spy on his text messages via App Spy. If he is found not guilty of cheat on you, then your relationship can get stronger.
  • To know what he is up to: By using apps such as App Spy you can easily spy on your boyfriend’s text messages. Sometimes it may happen that he is up to something secret that he does not want to share with you. Any relationship cannot be by hiding matters from others. Hence you can use this software to know what he is doing. And if catch him red-handed then you can teach him a lesson.

How to download this app:

  • Step 1: Firstly make sure that the device that you want to spy on has a good internet connection. This device must allow downloading of non-market apps. Now turn off the scan option for security proposes.
  • Step 2: After it is downloaded open your notification and install it.
  • Step3: Now register on this app. Register only with control panel option. Click on login to enter the account.
  • Step4: The device will ask if permission is given to it. Accept all its conditions. Now you will see the spy install in your boyfriend’s phone.

Download & Install AppSpy

The App Spy software application provides one with apple features and benefits to its users. In the same way, it is also easy to use.


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