How to record cell phone calls secretly
How to record cell phone calls secretly
Review: How to record cell phone calls secretly
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Record cell phones hideously: even an amateur can do it

Recording cell phones has now become an essential part of cell phone operation. From crime investigation recording to private information gathering methods. Recording cell phones has now become an essential requirement. There are apps that can easily record your cell phones call even staying at a remote place. They not only record calls, they also capture videos and phones.

The primary methods to hack the cell phone operation are by sending malicious virus and scripts to the system of the mobile. Naïve people accept the script and malicious objects send to him and give access to the person who wishes to intrude into the mobile functioning. People tend to get attracted towards new offers and rewards which made compelled them to go for the bait and get trapped in it.

The method is to record cell phone calls secretly

First we need to prepare the bait that we need to trap our victim. The bait can of any kind, any phishing link, or an offer link or just an automatic executive file which rewire the algorithm of the system and start sending the valuable information of the mobile handset and thus start recording the calls invoice automatically. If we install an app that is capable of recording of every call that occurs between the users and thus send them back to the source of hacker is the method through which a person records his app.

An amateur who is unaware of the functioning of the system of the mobiles can easily get trapped. If the victim is unaware of the mobile background functioning, then he will perhaps miss the recording of his calls

This is even called under call spooks where a person gives a fake call and the victim accept the call and his call comes under the control of hacker and thus the hacker now can manipulate the victim as per his/her wish and drive him to give the valuable information to the source of hacker. People often get misleader by hacking to recording the cell phones. Recording a cell phone is not so different from hacking. Breaching someone’s personal space is hacking. Since ethical hacking is considered valuable assets and so does the recording of calls.

Recording between the two subjects is often taken as a testimony in court. People even are sent to jail as per the testimony of the victim voice. There are experts who have expertise over voice analysis and can claim whose voice was that just by seeing the difference in the crust and trough of the waves of sounds. In fact there is a complete branch which looks over how voice differentiates from person to person.

Therefore use Free Phone Tracker AppSpy or recording it by any means is very benefit as it is often used as a testimony in the court. To use it as an evidence to provide proof to somebody who wants the truth to be uncovered. People tend to vary from giving any opinion over call recording as it is a very subjective thing yet its benefits are countless.


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