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Download the best all-in-one Free iPhone Spy Software from AppSpy

When it comes to smart devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc., Apple has the biggest brand value. It is a matter of pride for people who own it. But the ground reality is that making use of the iOS operating software is not as easy as android as people find it difficult to download the apps they want. When it comes to monitoring applications and spying software, it becomes all the more difficult to download it on an iPhone due to various reasons. If you are looking for iPhone spy software that suits your mobile device, then no other option can be better than the AppSpy.


What is AppSpy

Download the best all-in-one Free iPhone Spy Software from AppSpy
Download the best all-in-one Free iPhone Spy Software from AppSpy

AppSpy are the biggest name in relation to monitoring software. We are global leaders having million of followers and satisfied customers who have witnessed our loyal and quality services. All the solutions and answers to your queries in relation to the best monitoring application will be solved right over here. If you are iPhone owner and are looking for suitable spy software, then we at the AppSpy guarantee you to cater with the best Free iPhone spy software.

We offer our customer special spying applications that are compatible with the iOS operating system. It does not matter what ever version of iOS you are using the AppSpy will give you same quality service every time as we cover all the versions of iPhone released till date. You have to follow the instructions of installing it, and then you will be all set to spy on your, child, employee or spouse.

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How AppSpy spy your iPhone

To monitor the person you want, you first have to install the application in the phone of targeted person. All the activities the person carries out with his phone will be conveyed to you immediately. The iPhone AppSpy extracts all the information from the targeted device and encrypts it. It sends all the encrypted data to the online portal where you have made your account. All the information updated on the portal is saved so that you can watch it anytime and anywhere. With so many years of improvement and experience, the AppSpy has come up as the most excellent spying software of all times.

There are various reasons that have made the AppSpy popular all around the world, and the top most reasons are the advantages and features it provides.

Check out the best features provided by our Free iPhone Spy Software

Check out the best features provided by our Free iPhone Spy Software
Check out the best features provided by our Free iPhone Spy Software

With the increased demand of spy applications in the market, many different websites have come up with their own version of iPhone spy software. But all are not reliable as there are various frauds sitting too. At AppSpy, we provide you with various reliable features that will surely make your spying experience unforgettable. Check out some of our best features:

  • Tap the phone calls and track the call logs– if you become our customer, we provide you with the facility of recording calls of the target in real time. You also have access to the call logs and contact details of the suspected person. You will get a notification each time the person makes or receives a call, and if you are busy somewhere, then the call recording feature will record all the calls and save it on the our online portal.
  • Ambient listening facility– with this feature you can listen to all the noises and talking going on in the ambience of the person. You have to make a hidden call to the suspect and after that you can listen to the conversations going on in the room. With the help of this feature you can easily make out the place where the person is standing and the conversation he is making. The feature of real time ambient listening is only available with the AppSpy and is associates. You will not get this facility in any other iPhone Spy Software.
  • Track the text messages– texting has become the most popular way of communication these days. Not only kids or teens but elders too are very fond of texting. Therefore its very important to monitor the text messages of the suspect. With the AppSpy, you will get the best SMS tracking facility in the best of quality. You can read all the conversation carried on by the suspect as if it was done over your phone. In fact you can also read the deleted conversations. The AppSpy continuously keeps saving every updating in the activities over your account online. Therefore you do not have to be worried about the conversations being deleted.
  • Keep in touch will all the other messaging application- all the other messaging and file sharing application like WhatsApp, Kik messenger, Viber, etc., where people share multimedia content along with texting can also be spied with the help of AppSpy. These applications are trending and more and more people are using them now-a-days. By this application, you can read all the conversations taking place and get access, to multimedia content as well. Like the SMS you can read the deleted content over these apps also. The voice notes, videos, images etc. sent over these applications are saved to the online portal. Moreover, if you wish to extract the details of the sender like his name or phone number, you can do so with the help of AppSpy.
  • Location tracking facility– the GPS is the best feature one can ever have in any spying application. With the GPS tracking facility you can know where the target is. Any change in the location is informed via notification. If you missed the tracking for some reason then the AppSpy saves all the tracking history of the person with his current location and all the other locations where he has been. You can check the whereabouts of the targeted person at anytime you want. This feature of location tracking is helpful for all the type of users i.e., parents, employers and spouse.
  • Get access to all, the multimedia files and, documents– all the images, videos, movies, GIFs, and other multimedia content including the notes, documents and downloads in the mobile of the suspect can be accessed by you in no time. In fact if there is any update in the multimedia content of the phone, those updations will be sent to you along with a notification. For example if the suspect clicks a photo with the camera of his mobile, that photo will be sent to your online account with the time and date immediately.
  • Have full control over the internet usage- the amount of internet used by the suspect can be tracked as well as controlled by you. This feature is for parents who want to make sure that internet is used by their children in limit. You can set a limit to the amount of internet usage as well as block the sites that you do not want the suspect to access. You can also keep a record of the sites that the target has been using by viewing the browsing history.
  • Track the social media handle– the social media websites can tell you many things about the target and therefore it is important part of spying. The AppSpy let you access all the social media accounts of the target. You can see the posts made by them, tags and comments as well as the conversations made over these accounts. The AppSpy does all this in the background without letting the owner know.
  • Key logger features– the key logger is the feature that lets you know all the passwords of the phone of the target. Be it the social account passwords or the normal app lock passwords, the key logger traces all the passwords and updates them on the online account. Any change in any of the passwords is notified by a notification or alert.
  • Get access to Gmail– the Gmail account of the suspect as well as the yahoo account or any other such account can be tracked by you in seconds. You get all the real time information and updates about these accounts as well as the information about the mails sent and attachments made.

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The number of features provided by the AppSpy does not end here. It provides you everything that an iPhone user can ever dream of. There are various people who have voted out iPhone Spy Software to be the best as compared to the top most spying applications.

Why choose only Free iPhone Spy AppSpy

This question must have popped in your mind at least once. We not only claim our application to be the best but have proven it over time. This iOS the reason we have a large and trusted customer base all around the globe. Here are some of the reasons that will tell you why the AppSpy is the best and what is the need to choose it:

  • As a partner if you are having doubt on your spouse and want to clear it then using our iPhone spy software is the best way. For people who feel that their partner is cheating on them can make use of this application and clear all their doubts. By tracking the location, messages, and phone calls you can easily know what your partner is doing without your notice. As there is a different application dedicated to the iPhone users, it is guaranteed that they will not have to face any kind of difficulty.
  • For employers– an employer can track of all the activities of his employee. You can know how fast is your employee driving, track their location, messages phone calls etc. It helps in spotting lazy and unproductive employees. They can set responsibility over unproductive employees and the profit and productivity of the, organization can be increased. The employee monitoring software for android devices is the best thing that an employee can ever have.
  • To keep the phone secure– AppSpy is not only best for spying on someone but it also protects your device from various threats. Suppose you lost your phone, you can track its location and lock all its contents beforehand. You will also come to know if there is any change in the SIM or network. All your data is backed up on the online portal and therefore important data will not be lost.
  • As a parentif you are a concerned parent and want to ensure the safety of your child then using the AppSpy is the best way. The GPS tracking lets you know the whereabouts of your child. You can track his internet activities, messages, calls, social media handles and what not. To ensure the safety of the child and securing his future it is important that parents know where their child is going and on what track they are heading. The AppSpy is said to be a life saving monitoring application that saves your child from getting into cyber crimes.
  • To avail all the advantages– it is said that the advantage provided by our application are not available with any other iPhone spy software. If you are not using this application then you are missing out a lot of good benefits. This is an all in one spying application that gives you all the spying facilities of the world. You get the best iPhone spy software, bet Android spy software, and spy apps for all the other operating systems.

Since we have mentioned about the various benefits provided by this application, it becomes mandatory to make our customers aware of the advantages we provide.

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Know the advantages provided by our iPhone spy software

Know the advantages provided by our iPhone spy software
Know the advantages provided by our iPhone spy software
  • 100% undetectable- the application you install on the phone of the suspect works in the background. It does not let the user know about its existence and therefore is known as 100% untraceable. The AppSpy is totally safe and does not misbehave even after a long time.
  • Totally reliable– AppSpy has millions satisfied users with its services. You do not have to worry about virus and malfunctions in the application and it will work for a very long time smoothly.
  • Network change alert – if the SIM of the targeted phone is changes or, the spy app will notify you immediately. You will know about the new network and number to which the phone has changes via notifications and alerts
  • Easy to install– when you download the application, you get a user guide with it that instructs you with the process of its installation. This application is very easy to install as well as use. You do not have to perform various complex steps and waste your time.
  • Money back guarantee- you get a free trial for 48 hours and if you feel satisfied with all its services, and then you can buy its premium plan. But after installing the paid version of this application, if you feel any technical issue then you can claim your money back. You will get back your amount within seven days of the claim.
  • support options– in case you face any difficulty in relation to the use of the application then you can contact the 24×7 open customer service center. In the case of any query or complaint, your issue will be solved within 4-6 hours of complaining. AppSpy have the best customer support services.
  • Notification and alert- any change in the information or location of the device will be communicated to you by the AppSpy. Any type of irregular activity will be brought to your notice with the help of notification and alerts.

The benefits given above are just a drop to the ocean as there are various other benefits of the AppSpy iPhone spy software. You get the advantage of remotely controlling the spying activities and the targeted phone. You get safety, free trial, reasonable fee and many more. To avail the outstanding benefits of our spying application, you can logon to

Know the installation process

If you, your child, spouse, employee is a user of iPhone, then you can easily download our iPhone spy software by clicking on the link given above. Although you will get a guide to teach you about the installation process in detail, you can go through the summarized step below:

  • Step 1- download the app

Download the AppSpy iPhone spy software from our website on to a suitable device. You have to make sure that you download the application in the mobile of the target as well. Do not forget to hide the application if you do not want the suspect to know abut the presence of the app on his mobile.

If you want Free Android Spy, download at:

  • Step 2- install and set-up

The next step is to follow the installation process and set-up of the account. For this, you first have to create an account on the online portal of the spy apps and sigh into it. It is only after signing in that you will be able to set the account as per your convenience.

  • Step 3- start monitoring

Once you have signed in to the account, you are all set to do the spying. This means that all the data, call logs, messages, etc. will be immediately transferred to you.

If you are a concerned parent, an employer or an in doubt spouse, you must install the iPhone spy software of AppSpy as soon as possible.

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