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Facebook Hack – Hack any Facebook Messages

Facebook is one of the popular social media networking sites. Also, it has developed their mobile application which is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. Facebook also has developed the instant messenger, i.e. Facebook messenger that allows their users to share media files, chat facilities, and make audio and video calls and much more. Instead of a Facebook messenger, Facebook app and site both provide great virtual connectivity with others. You can find someone via their name, mobile number, username and else and make friends with them. Though, it includes thousands of benefits but some demerits too. Therefore, you need to hack Facebook to avoid unwanted Facebook activities.

How to prevent unwanted Facebook activities or how to hack Facebook?

Traditionally, people used to hire private detectives to catch any cheats and fraudulent activities, but in terms of Facebook, you need to hack suspect’s account. Previous hacking techniques deliver right results, but you cannot monitor suspect at each instance. You just can access some device information or stored data.

Now, you can experience various hacking tools that can help users to monitor suspect at each instance. Facebook Hack App are basically mobile application software. You can download spyware from a mobile app store or the particular site. Hundreds of hacking tools you can find, but some of them are developed to manipulate spy app users. So, you should have to download the trusted spyware that delivers the desired result in an affordable cost. Among hundreds of spy application, the remote spy software is best one. You can use it and experience its benefits.

Now, you can use the hacking tool or spyware or prevent someone from performing any cybercriminal activities. On the other hand, you can monitor someone; catch their Facebook activities, read their chat conversation, and much more. The Facebook Hack App is best to prevent someone accessing use of Facebook, share confidential information on Facebook and else.

Facebook Hack - Hack any Facebook Messages
Facebook Hack – Hack any Facebook Messages

How to hack Facebook: step to step

Method 1: Using Facebook Hack AppSpy

About AppSpy

AppSpy is simply a hacking tool which is compatible with mobile devices. To spy on someone’s cell phone, you need to install the spyware on suspect’s cell phone. The spyware includes various programs that help to collect data from internal or external storage and get administrative control. Send the trapped data to the programmed address and much more. Now, the user can collect someone’s Facebook activities, messages, and much more.

How user monitors suspect’s cell using Hack Facebook App?

If anyone doubts on someone that he/she is cheating or performing any fraudulent activities, then it is best to use spyware. But the beginner has never used the spyware and wants to know the monitoring process. The spyware includes various programs in a single package in which one program developed to collect data and another one backups collected data. Now, the collected data is transferred to the programmed destination which is actually a private server. Now, the collected data is available on a server which can be accessed through the website. A user can easily access the collected data and pay attention to it. Not only Facebook messages shared files, but you can monitor each cell phone activities.

Method 1: Using Facebook Hack AppSpy
Method 1: Using Facebook Hack AppSpy

Role of internet

There is no possibility of hacking social media networking sites without the internet availability. The Internet is the primary need of any spy software. Once you installed the spy software on suspect’s cell phone, you are able to catch their cell phone activities. But it is the internet that works as a mediator between the remote spy software and server. The spyware uses an internet connection to send the data from cell phone to the server. If the suspect turned off the mobile data or WIFI connection, then you cannot monitor their cell phone. So, it is important to have internet connection on suspect’s cell phone to hack Facebook chats.

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Ho to download the remote spy software?

Users have two choices to download the spyware on suspect’s cell phone. It requires 8-10 minutes for complete installing and performing necessary activities. So, you have to access suspect’s cell phone for about 10 minutes. You need to wait for the adequate time period the access suspect’s cell phone to install the remote spy software.

Using mobile app store: According to the Android or iOS devices, you need to visit the play store and istore respectively. Now, search the application name on the search bar then press enter. In result, you can find hundreds of spy software, but you need to choose the remote spy software. Now, you can download/install the spy software on suspect’s cell phone. After successful installation, you need to make an account with it, provide administrative control and much more.

Using website: another way to download the remote spy software is using their website. You can find separate APK files for Android and iOS devices. Click on it and download the app setup. Now, install the application and perform necessary action. Some necessary task after installing the remote spy software are-

  • Register yourself with the spyware by entering the email address
  • Make strong password
  • Provide administrative control of cell phone over the spyware
  • Enable silent location option
  • Hide the app icon
  • Delete app store or browser’s history

Download Facebook Hack AppSpy

How to choose the right Facebook Hack App?

To hack Facebook account user needs the spy software. Choosing the right spy software is difficult. You have to keep an eye on various factors before choosing the right one. If you do not get the right spy software on a mobile app store, then you can prefer the website. So, you should have adequate knowledge of Software Company that helps to provide right spyware.

  • Choose reputed software company
  • Licensed software or Software Company
  • Affordable features and services
  • Affordable subscription packs
  • Compatible application version
  • Small size spyware
  • Includes more and more features and much more

These factors can better help any user to get the right software or Software Company. Basically, spy software is available in the mobile app store in free of cost. It is most difficult to access suspect’s cell phone personally and install the application on their cell phone. Therefore, you need additional help to install the application. Only the software company that can help you to install the spyware on suspect’s cell phone without accessing their mobile.

Actually, there is no technology behind the remote installation, but the software company uses different techniques or tricks. They attract the suspect with large discount offers or instruct them to download the package on their cell phone. Another method is to install the spyware on someone’s cell phone remotely by phishing. This process is used by the software company in which it changes the spy app’s icon with other app icon and attracts users to download it. Now, you need to select the best software company in order to install the spyware without accessing victim’s cell phone.

Features of remote faebook hack app

More Features Facebook Hack AppSpy
More Features Facebook Hack AppSpy

If anyone looks to spy Facebook messenger, then you need to have the remote spy software. It includes some important features that can help to get Facebook chats, shared media files and much more. Its additional features such as internet browser monitoring and keylogger also help in hacking Facebook account.

If the victim uses an internet browser to access a Facebook website, then you can trap their password and other Facebook activities easily. Internet monitoring helps users to pay attention to suspect’s profile, and the keylogger helps to know the Facebook password. Once you get Facebook username and password, you can personally access victim’s Facebook account and catch any fraudulent activities.

Catch profile activities: The spy app featured to get all the Facebook activities on your dashboard. You can collect Facebook chats, messages, media files, friend list, posts, old posts, deleted conversation and much more.

Hack Facebook messenger: Facebook messenger is a mobile application that offers instant messaging. It keeps chat details and media files separate in the internal or external storage of the device. The spyware programmed to collect the digital files from the memory element then transfers to the programmed address. Similarly, it collects Facebook messenger data and delivers to the private server. Now, the user can access the collected data and pay attention to it.

Along with these genuine features, you can subscribe more features of remote spy software. It does not deliver Facebook hacking program but can help in complete cell phone monitoring. Some of its important features are listed below in the content-

  1. GPS tracking: Each Smartphone and iOS device includes GPS system to operate map on a cell phone. GPS system offers their users to find any geographical address on the cell phone. It uses latitude and longitude and collaborates with satellite to get the accurate position on a map. This GPS system helps to know the cell phone location on a map while monitoring someone. The remote spy software catches longitude and latitude and sends to the control panel. Now, you can access the coordinates and find out a real-time position on a map.
  2. Social media chat monitoring: Instead of a Facebook hack, the remote spy software helps to hack snap chat, Instagram, WhatsApp, we chat, vine and other social media networking sites. May be the suspect use different social media sites to cheat on you or performs any fraudulent activities. Therefore, you can download/install the remote spy software on suspect’s mobile or pay attention to each social media app.
  3. WhatsApp spy: Among hundreds of social media apps, WhatsApp is one of the best amongst. Its trend among kids and adult has been increasing since it was developed. Now, it is using over worldwide. The social media platform enables their users to chat with an individual or multiple users, share media files, documents, and much more. Also, it is the best platform to make audio and video calls in free of cost. Therefore, enlist it as a second target after the Facebook hack. It also keeps separate folders for shared data. The remote spy software collects WhatsApp data and provides to the dashboard.

Even the suspect has deleted chats or shared files from the WhatsApp still the data are present in the memory element. So, you can recover deleted data and find whether the suspect is innocent or else. With the WhatsApp hacking, a Facebook hack is important.

  1. Spy call: it is also the best feature of remote spy software. If you are going to catch cheats on you, then you must access their call details and pay attention to suspect’s calling activities. Using the particular feature, you can catch received calls, dialed calls, missed calls and else. Even you can access call costs, call duration and call time. You can catch all the details on the dashboard. On the dashboard, you can experience call logs and identify saved or unknown numbers as well.
  2. Call recording: Though, spy on call delivers right benefits that you can pay attention to know which number is most familiar with suspect or else. But to catch the speech contents, you need to use the call recording feature of remote spy software. You can pay attention to previous recordings or attend live calls as well. You can turn on the call recorder remotely and catch live calls on your dashboard.
  3. Spy on text messages: Instead of Facebook hack or mobile calling, a text message is also the way to share any information. So, the remote spy collects inbox, sent and draft messages to the dashboard. Now, you can personally read these messages and analyze any fraudulent conversations. Even the text time, saved or unknown number you can find on the dashboard.
  4. Ambient voice recording: May be the victim does not want to use a cell phone and want to keep away from getting caught. In this case, the remote spy delivers best results. You can make a fake call to turn suspect’s cell phone into a voice recorder. Now, you can pay attention to voice surroundings.

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Method 2: Hack Facebook Messages via Database (Rooted)

If target phones have installed Facebook, you need Rooted to access Facebook database.

For Android:

You can use Root Explorer in Google Play to access Facebook Database.

DB_FACEBOOK_PATH = “data/data/com.facebook.katana/databases/”;

For iPhone:

DB_FACEBOOK_PATH = /var/mobile/Applications/[Folder Facebook App Installed]/Documents/


Method 3: Hack Facebook Messages via catch Facebook Notification (only Android)

For Android Developers

The other way to spy on someone’s Facebook messages is to write an app, to catch Facebook Notification(only incoming Facebook messages).

You can get code from https://github.com/gabrielemariotti/androiddev/tree/master/NotificationListener44

For hacking on Facebook, I still recommend the usage of AppSpy as this method is lot simpler than catch Facebook Notification

Benefits of choosing the remote spy software

Hundreds of benefits you can experience with the remote spy software. The particular application is not beneficial to hack Facebook messages, but you can pay attention to each cell phone activity. By monitoring someone’s cell phone, you can experience some benefits as-

Catch cheating spouse

Currently, Facebook is the best way to communicate with someone even the user can make audio and video calls. Hence, the latest technology in communication field offers their users to make new friends and add more fun into life. If someone doubts on their life partner, then he/she can choose the remote spy software. Now, you can monitor your spouse’s cell phone; catch WhatsApp, SnapChat, and Viber activities. Also, you can hack Facebook and other instant messaging apps.

Employee monitoring

Each business owner wants to catch their employee who performs fraudulent activities. In each business organization, some employee wants to earn more profit and therefore they leak some confidential information and contracts with business competitors. In this, the business owner feels a huge business loss. Also, there is a probability of felling huge business loss due to fraud employees. It is difficult to pay attention to each employee to know their trust, but you can choose employees in which you doubt. Use remote spy software to catch their cell phone activity. Cell phone monitoring can provide accurate information about the employee. Using single account, you can monitor more than one employee.

Get parental control

Once you installed the remote spy software on victim’s mobile phone, you need to provide administrative control over it. Now, each cell phone activity is supervised by the spyware. The victim cannot uninstall any package, or perform any unwanted activity. Due to parental control, you can control several mobile options through the control panel remotely.

Find lost cell phone

It is explained above that the remote spy software traps geographical coordinates from the cell phone. So, this feature helps to find suspect’s location and beneficial to catch their lost phone. You can access their GPS coordinates and find out their real-time location on a map.

Child monitoring

Some kids and teens are addicted to using Facebook app/site. Therefore parents need to hack Facebook messenger in order to prevent their kids from performing any cybercriminal activities. Also, teens are more prone to use adult sites that impact adversely on their mentality. So, you can choose the remote spy software that can help you to monitor your kid. The control panel, i.e. AppSpy is mobile friendly. Now, you don’t need to check the personal computer to monitor your kid. Just use your Smartphone to access kid’s mobile phone activities.

In last, it is right to say that the remote spy software is the best hacking tool to hack Facebook messenger, chats, and shared media files. The hacking tool is a complete package to monitor mobile phone. You can visit the Facebook Hack AppSpy and analyze affordable subscription offers. You can buy separate features or a package in which multiple features available. Spy on a cell phone is the best method to track someone. It is affordable as compared to any other hacking method. It does not require any computer skills as the user needs to download the app and navigate the dashboard. Using the control panel, you can monitor each mobile phone activity.


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