2 Ways to Track Your Friend
2 Ways to Track Your Friend
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The Two Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Friendship is the best thing of a person’s life. It is not only the support system of a person but also an essential thing to be able to live happily. However, if the friend cheats on you then your friendships no longer holds any value. If you are suspecting your friend to be a cheat, then it becomes important to know what he is up to and why he has been doing so. To clear out all your doubts the most effective way would be to track his or her cell phone without them knowing. The mobile phone is the closest thing to a person as almost all the activities and communication is done through it. Therefore, by tracking the mobile phone, you can easily know everything about your friend.

The Two Ways to Track Your Friend's Phone without Him Knowing
The Two Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

It is understood that tracking the phone is not as easy as it seems because you may get caught and spoil your relations with them. You can even be sued for intruding into the personal life of the person without their permission. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a way in which you can track the cell phone of your friend without them knowing of it.

Here are the Two Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing

The best way to spy on your friend’s phone is by using the spying application. The top most spy app like the AppSpy can let you have access to all the activities of the person’s phone in real time. There are two methods in which you can use this application. The first method can be accessed by downloading the application in the phone of your friend, and the other way is spying without downloading the app.

First Method- track the cell phone of your friend with the help of AppSpy by downloading the app

AppSpy is one of the most famous mobile based spying application that is known to hack a person’s phone and convey all its information to you without their knowledge. This application is 100 percent safe and is used by thousands of people worldwide. Where all the other spying applications focus only on the quantity of the features, the AppSpy is loaded with many features but in the best of quality. They understand their customer value and therefore give out their best to make the spying experience effective and fast.

First Method- track the cell phone of your friend with the help of AppSpy by downloading the app
First Method- track the cell phone of your friend with the help of AppSpy by downloading the app

AppSpy works with all the operating system and is very easy to use. It has the most simple operating procedure. It comes with the tutorial so that you do not face any difficulty in choosing it. If you are thinking why the AppSpy application is one of the best methods to spy on someone’s phone then here are the reasons:

  • you can read the text messages
  • the messages of other messaging application along with their media shared
  • you can listen to the calls of a person and record the calls
  • read the multimedia files
  • track the location with the help of GPS
  • key logger feature
  • monitor the internet usage and track the social media apps
  • Access he call logs and various other things

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With the help of this method, you can spy on your friend’s phone by installing the application on their device. The installation procedure is as follows:

First, download the application on your phone as well as on your friend’s phone. Install the application and the set up an online account on the portal of truth spy. After the account is set up properly, start up the application and use it. You will see that all the activities that the friend does on his phone starts appearing on your phone as it is. Make sure that you hide the application on your friend’s phone so that he does not come to know about your spying.

Download & Install AppSpy

The second method- track the cell phone of your friend without downloading the AppSpy app on his phone

The second method- track the cell phone of your friend without downloading the AppSpy app on his phone
The second method- track the cell phone of your friend without downloading the AppSpy app on his phone

The first method is the most easy way to track on someone’s phone, but the problem is that it involves more risk. Though the application is totally safe and hidden but the probability of your friend knowing about it cannot be ignored. If you are not able to get your friends phone to download the application on his phone, then there is no need to worry. You can operate AppSpy without installing the app, and its process is as follows:

  • Download the application- you will have to download the application on your phone to carry out the process. So download the application from any of the reliable app stores.
  • Install the app –after downloading the application, you will have to install it on your phone.
  • Set up the account– the account on the online portal is the most important part of your spying. You will have all the information on this account, and all the data will be saved here. Therefore, setup the account carefully.
  • Connect with the targets phone– once you have done everything on your part, you will have to make a call to your friend in order to establish a connection with him. Once the connection is established properly, you will receive a code on your phone. Provide the code to the software and wait for the process to complete.
  • Start spying– once the above step is completed successfully, you will be all set to spy on your friend’s phone. You will start seeing all the activities of your friend’s phone instantly.

AppSpy customer service is open 24×7 for its users, and you can solve all your query over here. If you still have some confusion and want to know more, you can log on to the link: (https://appspy.net).

By using the above two methods, you can track everything that your friend does. You can trace their location, read their messages, and listen to their calls and what not. So throw away all your doubts and take advantage of the various features that AppSpy provides you. After following these Two Ways to Track Your Friend’s Phone without Him Knowing, you will not need anything else.


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